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Axel Joost Elektronik


Mini Headlight Relay

Work great - easy to install. Used 2 of these relays. One to control 2 stage handle grip heaters and another to control 2 stage seat heater - all with a single pushbutton. Needed 2 because of the current requirements. If you duplicate this application, use heaters that do not have a separate relay to control the high and low settings....

rearlight converter Rear Light EU-CS

I installed this in my US H3 Hummer, to properly illuminate the aftermarket EU tail lights I bought to replace the US ones. The product was easy to install and functions well. It is small, and the installation not destructive to the existing wiring. It was much appreciated to find this elegant solution to make my H3 legal for EU standards....

rearlight converter Rear Light EU-CS

It works perfectly for my 2014 Cadillac Escalade. I had the fast flickering issue with my led rear tail light while converting my car to the EU standards and your car converter solve the problem. Now I can carry on the homologation process.