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Control your complete bike with just 2 buttons and the T-Box.


It took me a bit time to think how to develope a control box with just 2 button inputs for the control of all main functions of a bike. The result is the T-Box ("T" stands for tricky). The T-Box controlls the main functions of your motorbike in combinations with just 2 push buttons. The following options are integrated:


- Integrated load independent flasher relay
- Auto flasher off function, emergency flasher, "Low Light" dim modus adjustable
- Control of low - and high beam
- Control of starter relay and engine off
- Control of the horn
- Brake light control or user programmable dim function of the rear light.
- 8 status led´s at the outputs give a visible response of the power outputs.

- An output for a flasher control led is implemented. 

- The neutral - and side stand switch can be used for safety reasons.

- The outputs are short circuit protected with an implemented self reset function.


The functions are easy to understand and the use of the box is intuitiv. So, there is no need for the user to learn complicated button combinations. 


- One short press on one button will activate the corresponding direction indicators. One

  more short press on the button switch off the direction indicators.

- A long press (above about 0,3 seconds) at the left button switch on the horn.

- A long press (above about 0,3 seconds) at the right button will switch on the starter.

- Two short presses at the left button will switch between high - and lowbeam.

- Two short presses at the right button will switch on or off the ignition.

By the way, for Harley Davidson bikes you can use the T-Box in combination with the TSM/TSSM module if you wire the left and right output of the T-Box to the button inputs of the TSM/TSSM module. The use of the HD alarm system is no problem. 


The several functions are user programmable and can be changed at every time. Just press the left button while switching on the power to the T-Box and your are in the "program" mode. A one time emergancy flash will indicate the program mode. A press on the right or left indicator button will switch on or off a small showflasher function. A press at one of the buttons will switch to the second program option. So, you can easily program your own setting with a few steps. For further infos, just feel free to take a look to the manual. 

Here is a small video how to use the 2 buttons for your bike:
Here is a small video, how you can set the options:

Installation manual (pdf)


50 mm length x 12,5 mm wide x 52 mm height

Body material:

shock resistant ABS plastic, waterresist potted

Case Color:



0,14 qmm for inputs, 0,75 qmm for power outputs, 1,5 qmm for main power

Power consumption in operation:

7 mA

Maximum temperature:

80 degree Celsius

Maximum output current: 5 Ampere Head light, 3 Ampere for other outputs

Input voltage range:

7 - 18 Volt

Maximum current of the 12V ignition connector:   

20 Ampere



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